Sushi-Rama RiNo


Please note that we do not take reservations and operate with a first come first serve policy.

Regular Hours
Sunday – Thursday 11am – 8pm

Friday and Saturday 11am – 9:30pm

We also offer take out and delivery through ChowNow and DoorDash or call your closest location!

We have minimal outside dinning.

Happy Hour

Monday – Friday 3pm – 4pm

25% off belt plates and our bar menu

25% off Daily Drink Specials

Sushi-Rama RiNo: Where it all began

The Sushi-Rama Rino location was the first of Chef Osaka’s ventures into the conveyor belt sushi world.

When he set out to redefine what it meant to eat fast, casual and fun sushi in the Denver area, RiNo was the perfect place. It’s the hip, artist-focused and industrial area where people are open to new flavors and experiences.

Osaka first heard about the area from partner Ken Wolf, who had opened other properties around the area but saw a need for some innovative new restaurants. There weren’t any sushi restaurants within vicinity at the time of opening, and they both wanted to change that.

The good without the bad

When asked about bringing the conveyor belt sushi concept to Denver, Osaka remarked that he thought it would be a great new way of dining for young, hip guests. Traditional sushi restaurants can be expensive and intimidating with complicated menus that deter a younger crowd. And up till now, the main perception with other conveyor belt sushi concepts has been the quality of the food. But Sushi-Rama shines in its ability to bring all the good of those experiences and none of the bad.

The fish is sourced from the same places that the highest dollar sushi restaurants in Denver get their supply from, and it is imported directly from Japan. The difference is that the high tech prep and delivery methods in Sushi-Rama’s kitchen allow us to keep costs down and quality up. The menu features some of what you’d expect and a lot of what you might not. However, approachability is key. The menu is in English and tells you all the ingredients, and of course you can see it as it snakes by on the conveyor belt so you know exactly what you’re eating. Come hungry and leave quickly if you must. Sushi-Rama Rino is a fast casual restaurant with a full service wait staff for all your beverage needs.

Grab rolls and nigiri as they pass you by or order small hot plates like spicy rock shrimp, chicken katsu and edamame. The color of the plate you select determines the price of the dish, but they’re all under $4 so the meal is affordable no matter what you choose.

Are you hungry for a new way to eat sushi? Try Sushi-Rama Rino.

All about the look

In terms of the look, Chef Osaka wanted Sushi-Rama RiNo to really stand out for more than just the giant conveyor belt winding around the restaurant. The vibe of Sushi-Rama Rino is 70s hippie chic, a retro colorful flair that screams fun. This same design has been applied to the other Sushi-Rama locations as well with Sushi-Rama Rino being the original inspiration.

The name Sushi-Rama was even inspired by the Cineramas of the 60s and 70s where movies were shown on a curved screen. Upbeat, quirky music ranging from Japanese pop to Cambodian psychedelic puts a pep in your step and a smile on your face. Heard a favorite song? Grab Director of Operations Michael Burbage, the DJ behind the playlist. He’s happy to talk sushi, but loves even more to talk music.

Over the last five years, the RiNo area has seen amazing growth thanks in part to the addition of restaurants like Sushi-Rama and other innovative new developments in the area. Chef Osaka himself also has another venture, Osaka Ramen, just around the block. (Fans of Sushi-Rama would do well to check it out.) Denver Central Market is also next door, creating a hub of activity where the people of Denver are flocking.

Let’s make eating fun again.