Best Sushi in Lone Tree

If I could give this place 6 stars I would. It’s absolutely amazing in every way! Great sushi! Great employees! Great fun! The conveyor belt is so fun and it’s not a gimmick because the sushi is super good! My wife and I had a great time eating sushi, and we are sure to go back.

Beau K. Sushi-Rama

Love this place. We have been here 3 times so far. The sushi is always fresh and tasty. We have found there is more variety during busier time. They will make special orders if you ask. The waiter notice we weren’t eating all the rice and suggested sashimi for next time. Great value for a quick sushi lunch. You don’t have to over order to get what you want.

Grace B. Sushi-Rama

Sushi was fresh and delicious. Service was excellent. We spent the same as we would have, if not slightly less, on a typical sushi meal. We will definitely return!

Nick R. Sushi-Rama

The concept here is awesome. The ambience, food and service is outstanding. My family and I really enjoy coming here. My kids love being able to pick up whichever roll they want and not have to wait to order. We never waste food. Definitely will be returning often.

Nadia A. Sushi-Rama

Excellent place! Great food! Friendly staff. Love coming here!

Asael G. Sushi-Rama

I’ve been on the hunt for a revolving sushi restaurant ever since I lived in Arizona, and to finally come across one relatively close to where I live feels like a real treat. The atmosphere is fantastic, especially with great company. The staff was friendly, and the sushi options were pretty great. I cant wait to go back!

Lady J. Sushi-Rama

Great place. Enjoyed it and service was great. Just wish they had a few more vegetarian options. My daughter and I could only find 3 we could have on the menu.

Genevieve S. Sushi-Rama

Fun place, quality sushi, don’t have to wait for food and excellent service.

Rob D. Sushi-Rama

Fun concept. Don’t go there if you need to have a face to face conversation. The conveyor belt is too distracting.

Scott F. Sushi-Rama

I was hesitant to get sushi through door dash, but this was a fantastic experience. The sushi was amazing ! I think I’m hooked.

Randi Sushi-Rama

Very fun, we take people who haven’t experienced it every chance we get. Kinda gives a classic futuristic vibe, like the Jetsons. Great sushi, the Tuna Takati is the best! If you find something you love or something isn’t making it to you on the conveyor belt, you can order it directly. Less expensive than all you can eat, but we leave just as full, and with 2 pieces per plate, you can get a much larger variety. Miso and edamame round the meal out nicely. Also, was very accommodating for our vegatarian, vegan, and celiac friends. Great spot if you have friends with limitations, rather than preping 2-4 separate meals. Walk down the sidewalk to fro-yo after, or grab mochi while you are there.

Thorn S. Sushi-Rama

Great concept here. Sushi comes around on a conveyor belt on different colored plates. The plates determine the price. It’s great because you can try a variety of sushi but the cost adds up quick. Staff is friendly and keep your drinks full.

John F. Sushi-Rama

Exactly as advertised! Fast, affordable, and good quality sushi. Perfect for lunch

Melissa W. Sushi-Rama

Fun concept! Kid friendly. Great Miso soup!

Michelle W. Sushi-Rama

This place was a lot of fun! I never had conveyor belt sushi before! My wife and I shared quite a few laughs over our tower of plates. The gist of it is, each color plate has a certain cost and you take what you want off the conveyor them they total up your empty plates for the bill. I liked being sample each type. The decor felt Willy Wonka’s factory. The staff were nice and attentive. None of the sushi blew me away but they did have some unique house specials.

Jason S. Sushi-Rama

Awesome place with a fun vibe! Came by while out of town to give a new place a shot, and I really enjoyed it. Tastey, awesome staff that I had a fun conversation with, and a simple yet cool little experience!

Adam B. Sushi-Rama

Sushi here is excellent, they have the traditional varieties but also have some unique offerings. The conveyer belts are great and make for a fun way to select your sushi. The mochi was delicious.

Dave K. Sushi-Rama

What a fun place! Came here for a mid-week date with my GF – neither of us had ever had conveyor belt sushi before coming here; it was a blast!

We had some rolls, nigiri, and potstickers from the kitchen – and a few Great Divide Rice Ales. The selection was good, and our plates were delicious. The value is pretty good & the staff is great. Will definitely be a regular here.

Kevin J. Sushi-Rama

This place is a great addition to the Lone Tree area. Great quality and selection of sushi, with a nice/fun experience. Essentially, you go in, sit down, and grab sushi plates.

Scott R. Sushi-Rama

Nice setup and good service. The only downside is that it’s easy to run up the bill but it’s definitely worth it.

Chris T. Sushi-Rama

Stopped in for lunch! I enjoyed the experience and the food. Looking forward to returning!

Jeff F. Sushi-Rama

This is there only place in town that you can drop in at lunch, eat sushi and leave within 25 mins. Although the sushi quality is OK, not awesome, it does the job!

Rey P. Sushi-Rama

Went during lunch. Quality was pretty good but the rolls were not rolled properly and would fall apart if not too careful.

Philip T. Sushi-Rama