Best Sushi in DTC

This place is fun, fast, and pretty darn cute! The conveyor belt gives you some entertainment and is a great conversation starter. Plus it gives you the perfect camouflage for people watching. It’s fast top which is fantastic. The staff was friendly and attentive and they doubt bombard you with upsells. I definitely want to try more next time. It’s not the best sushi I’ve ever had, but it was better quality than I was expecting.

Maria Jo N. Sushi-Rama

So much fun! I couldn’t make a decision on which sushi I wanted. Great way to try various varieties without breaking the pocket book. It was an incredible experience. Waitstaff was pleasant and wonderfully informative.  It was our first time and we will definitely go back. Wonderful opportunity to take someone who is not a big sushi fan and let them try a vast variety.

Shannon M. Sushi-Rama

Excellent sushi and atmosphere. You get in the door and start eating awesomeness in a matter of seconds. Just pick whatever you like from the belt and eat with no worries. You’ll just get charged at the end by the pile of plates you’ve collected, which will be lots because it’s good but the reasonable price is another reason to keep going.

Wilmer C. Sushi-Rama

Yum! Rolls are great! Miso soup and seaweed salad just right. Eat just as much as you want. 6 plates, 2 soups, 1 seaweed salad, 2 glass wine, $58 with tax! Woohoo!

Fat J. Sushi-Rama

Great for a quick lunch break. Super nice staff and very quick. Everyone is always very nice and I highly recommend.

Larry R. Sushi-Rama

Three cheers for Sushi-Rama!  I’ll be honest, I thought the experience was going to be kind of hokey and disappointing but my husband really wanted to try it out so I indulged him and ended up highly impressed.  The space is bright and fun, the conveyor belt concept means food on your plate within seconds and we loved all the rolls we tried.  This is a great quick meal type of place and we can’t wait to go back!

Lauren D. Sushi-Rama

What an amazing restaurant!!! I can’t even being to explain how this concept is amazing!!!! You get to sit down and eat right away and everything is delicious and made fresh just a few feet away from you. You liked one of the rolls and can’t only have 3 or 4 pieces? No problem! You can order a whole roll for you (and maybe share with your friends) A+ for sure and definitely will come back with everyone I know

Jorge S. Sushi-Rama

Surprisingly good! Went for a date and had a ton of fun with the conveyor belt. I didn’t expect the sushi to be too good but I really enjoyed it! The meal goes by pretty fast though, so I’m sure it would work well for a quick bite. The prices were reasonable and it was nice to be able to gauge how much you’ll pay through the dish system. Very cool place!

Amanda S. Sushi-Rama

This place was amazing. The sushi was phenomenal and you never get bored of eating the same one. The best one is the CLT.

Clay C. Sushi-Rama

Awsome place to take kids for sushi. Everything comes by and we can keep track of the price.

Craig T. Sushi-Rama

The sushi is good and I love their conveyer system

Salvador V. Sushi-Rama

Happy hour is amazing. Everything is $3 and they still make all the normal rolls

Eric S. Sushi-Rama

Great customer service and the sushi is really good. Conveyor belt style restaurant that also has take out.

Kabir M. Sushi-Rama

I had a great experience at Sushi-Rama. I absolutely love the conveyor belt sushi serving style, it’s so unique and fun! There were tons of unique and delicious options when it came to sushi to choose from, and the prices really weren’t that bad at all. I will definitely be back! 🙂

Heather F. Sushi-Rama

Sushi conveyor belt! Dreams really do come true. If you don’t see what you want on the belt, they’ll make it for you. Good food, good staff, good experience.

Brandon M. Sushi-Rama

I’ve been here twice now. Both times the sushi and rolls are solid, tasty, and interesting. There is a definite novelty to watching potential selections make their way around the conveyor belt. Happy Hour makes for a very good meal, but even the regular menu is about what you’d typically pay for reasonably good sushi. It’s a nice change of pace. I’d go there again with old friends, when we just need a new and different experience. Tip: use the Valet- there is moderate amounts of parking, but it fills up really fast streetside.

Scott G. Sushi-Rama

Popped in for lunch. Fresh, delicious food and good service. Always a good choice.

Heidi T. Sushi-Rama

Finally. Fresh and fabulous conveyor belt sushi in Denver.  Delicious and creative rollls. Nigiri too.  Plus tasty items from the kitchen and a great bar.  This is the real deal.  Don’t miss their happy hour when all plates are 25% off.

Marc L. Sushi-Rama