Best Sushi in Fitzsimons, Aurora

This place was a lot of fun! I never had conveyor belt sushi before! My wife and I shared quite a few laughs over our tower of plates. The gist of it is, each color plate has a certain cost and you take what you want off the conveyor them they total up your empty plates for the bill. I liked being sample each type. The decor felt Willy Wonka’s factory. The staff were nice and attentive. None of the sushi blew me away but they did have some unique house specials.

Jason S. Sushi-Rama

This place is a great addition to the Lone Tree area. Great quality and selection of sushi, with a nice/fun experience. Essentially, you go in, sit down, and grab sushi plates.

Scott R. Sushi-Rama

The concept here is awesome. The ambiance, food, and service are outstanding. My family and I really enjoy coming here. My kids love being able to pick up whichever roll they want and not have to wait to order. We never waste food. Definitely will be returning, often.

Nadia A. Sushi-Rama

Loved the sushi conveyor belt of deliciousness.

Rob N. Sushi-Rama

Really enjoyed a quick lunch at Sushi-Rama, great selection, easy pricing system, and the food was fresh and tasty. It’s nice to be able to walk in, sit down and just start eating. The restaurant was also very well kept and clean.

Chris V. Sushi-Rama