Sushi-Rama Fitzsimons, Aurora


Please note that we do not take reservations and operate with a first come first serve policy.

Regular Hours

Sunday – Thursday 11am – 8pm

Friday and Saturday 11am – 9:30pm

We also offer take out and delivery through ChowNow and DoorDash or call your closest location!

Happy Hour

Monday – Friday 3pm – 4pm

25% off belt plates and our bar menu

25% off Daily Drink Specials

A perfect fit for Fitzsimons  

Fourth time’s a charm when it comes to Sushi-Rama’s latest and greatest location in the hot new Fitzsimons area of Denver.

Following the opening of the Lone Tree location in August of 2018, the Fitzsimons location is ready to bring sushi on the move to a whole new hood. It’s a fitting choice as the neighborhood is growing as fast as the sushi is being made.

For those unfamiliar with the food phenomenon, Sushi-Rama is a restaurant concept that brings quality and value together at its signature sushi conveyor belt. You’ve never had this much fun ordering your food at a restaurant.  It’s like a really delicious game.

Sushi-Rama’s advanced technology means sushi doesn’t stay on the belt any longer than 90 minutes. But you’ll probably find that most dishes don’t stick around nearly that long before they are snapped up by a hungry diner.

There is lots more tech involved in the background as well, with Chef Osaka bringing innovations to the sushi kitchen which make things more efficient and affordable for all diners.

Your new favorite sushi spot. 

The whole Sushi-Rama dining experience is designed to be seamless and fun every step of the way. The menu is as easy to read as the plates are to grab. And each plate is color-coded so you know exactly what your price will be before you grab the plate. No eater’s remorse here.

With an easy-to-read menu, you won’t be staring in confusion as you look for what you’re hungry for. The staff is there to help you. Because they aren’t bogged down with as much food prep, they have time to help make sure your service experience is awesome every time.

If you’re new to sushi, not sure what to order, or simply a person who likes to try it all, Sushi-Rama Fitzsimons makes that possible. Menus are written in plain English, so it’s easy to know exactly what you’re getting. And because everything is bite-size, you can sample lots of different types of sushi and flavors.

A thriving place to eat.

Fitzsimons is home to one of the largest medical centers in the US, the Anschutz Medical Campus. That means lots of hustle and bustle, making it the perfect spot for people looking for a quick, convenient, and fun meal anytime.

The new location caters to both the daytime lunch rush where their expedited service is designed to get the 45,000 people who work in the area fed fast. Things slow down just a bit for dinner when you have time to take advantage of all Sushi-Rama has to offer after you clock out.

Sushi-Rama’s eclectic vibe brings a lot of fun to this up and coming area. Modeled after the same style as the other 3 Sushi-Rama locations in the Denver area, the Fitzsimons outpost has the signature retro-mod design, colorful track lighting, and spaceship-like fixtures lining the ceiling. You’ll want to snap pics of more than just your plates when you dine here.