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Sushi Restaurants in Denver

Jeff OsakaCasual, high-quality sushi on the move

Sushi-Rama is different than what you might expect from your average sushi restaurant.

When guests walk in for the first time, the look on their faces says it all: this is not going to be just another dining experience. It’s going to be special. Served on a moving conveyor belt or kaiten, Sushi-Rama is visually engaging with an emphasis on fun and freshness.

Renowned Chef Jeff Osaka came to Denver from LA back in 2008 with the dream of opening a downtown restaurant in this bustling food city. He met Ken Wolf while opening the first Twelve restaurant and the two started brainstorming. From this collaboration, Sushi-Rama was born. Chef Jeff Osaka is no stranger to opening restaurants. Over 10 years, he’s opened many restaurants and has four concepts as well as Sushi-Rama – Osaka Ramen, Denver Central Market, Tammen’s Fish Market, and 12@Madison.


Designed to be different

Sushi-Rama’s interior was designed by Denver architect LIVstudio and inspired by the Cineramas of the 1970s. The design studio took Chef Osaka and Ken Wolf’s idea of “retro mod” and ran with it. The poppy, bright colors scream “fun” from the moment you walk through the doors. Upbeat, quirky music ranging from Japanese pop to Cambodian psychedelic puts a pep in your step and a smile on your face. And that’s no accident. Michael Burbage, director of operations, orchestrates this mood music across all Sushi-Rama locations, so the vibe of fun is always on the menu.

Did we mention there’s a massive sushi art wall as well? It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach when you dine at Sushi-Rama.

Ready for your next foodie adventure? Come check us out.

Bringing high quality to the conveyor belt

The quality of our food is high quality and high value, a rarity in the sushi world. Sourced from the same places as the finest sushi restaurants, our high-tech kitchen gadgets allow us offer sushi at a better value. High quality fresh fish is what sets us apart from traditional kaiten. A finely-tuned microchip system allows us to easily identify and remove plates that have been on the conveyor belt for 90 minutes. Additional technological advancements in automated kitchen gadgets allow Chef Osaka to keep costs down and quality up. For example, a “sushi printer” presses layers of rice onto sheets of nori for sushi.

The menu and the experience are designed to be accessible yet engaging at every touchpoint. We’re not about intimidating you with an overcomplicated and jargon-filled menu. It’s a menu you can read and review easily, and the food itself comes in intentionally small portions so that you can sample many things on our large and comprehensive menu. And if you’re super hungry when you come in, all the better. You can be eating some delicious food as quickly as you can grab your selected plate off the conveyor belt.

Fast casual. Full service.

Another element that sets us apart from traditional kaiten is our staff. Our Executive Chef for all locations, Shaun Motoda, takes pride in ensuring the freshest, fastest, tastiest food comes out from the kitchen, every time. Our waitstaff adds to the experience with their warmth and efficiency. All guests are greeted in less than a minute from when they arrive, no matter how busy we are, and unlike most other conveyor belt sushi restaurants that are totally self-service, our staff is always ready to serve you a cup of green tea, or your favorite sake, tasty beer or craft cocktail.

We’re a fast-growing company with a lot of heart. Many of our employees have been with us from the very beginning, a testament to how we treat and reward the people we work with. We try to lead by example while cracking jokes along the way. That’s the Sushi-Rama style.


Hungry? We’re open every day for lunch and dinner. Join us!

Very fun conveyor belt sushi in RINO. The restaurant has high ceilings even though the restaurant is not that wide and the open kitchen is just behind the seating (mixture of booths and bar type stools). My wife said the ceiling looked like a gym floor upside down and a 70’s bowling alley. Very bright colors indeed. Went with friends on a Friday night. They have seating downstairs for the conveyor belt and upstairs seating (believe this is traditional menu ordering but unsure) The sushi is not Sushi Sasa quality but is also not priced like theirs. You choose from nigiri style sushi or rolls. I’m not sure if they offer sashimi as it was not on the conveyor. The plates have two to four pieces and 13-15 plates of varying colors with a beer (delicious Great Divide Samurai rice beer for $4) and coke was $71+tip. My favorites were the seared tuna (2 pieces) and coconut shrimp roll (4 pieces). We tried many other plates. One word of caution: the spicy rolls are SPICY! I usually eat a spicy tuna roll and am fine. At Sushi-rama their heat level is quite a bit higher than most other Japanese restaurants. Our friends commented that the spicy philly roll (with cream cheese) was bordering on inedible. This area has a ton of new places popping up and I am excited to try Sushi-rama again soon.

Jesse B.