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Sushi Happy Hour Denver

Mon-Fri: 3pm-6pm, All Locations

25% off all plates off the belt

25% off select beer, wine, sake and cocktails

You just got off work and are ready for a little pick me up.  Look no further than Sushi-Rama’s Happy Hour – it’s quick, easy and cheap – exactly how Happy Hour is supposed to be!

Saddle up to our bar

Omg. This is my new favorite place for sushi. Great decor and friendly staff…but beyond that I live that I bc can look at the sushi on the conveyor belt and then choose which I want and how much I want. So unlike other sushi places where you have to eat 2 or 3 whole rolls, you can get a taste of 6 to 8. And the vibe is way cool!

Rod B.