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Spicy Rock Shrimp

Spicy Rock Shrimp

Menu Name: Spicy Rock Shrimp

Ingredients: rock shrimp tempura with spicy garlic aioli and green onion

Price: $8.00

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Sushi-Rama is Da Bomb!!! NOM NOM NOM. This place is fresh, clean, stylish, and the food is so totally delish… If you’re like me and you enjoy instant gratification, then revolving sushi will be just the thing for you! Food is always circling, awaiting our reach. And I found the fish and rolls to be super fresh, well flavored, and priced with value in mind. Sushi-Rama is being run by a rising star chef in the Denver community. And I can attest to the pursuit of excellence and personal pride Jesus Silva pours into this awesome new Sushi spot. Along with the Jeff Osaka as owner, this sushi place is destined for greatness! When you walk in you’ll find a small cozy restaurant filled with bright light, happy colors, and a well trained staff who will make your time feel special. The bar seats give you first grabs at the plates of well made sushi and rolls, the booths allow larger parties to squeeze in for goodies and good times. And there’s even an upstairs for table service. If you’re new to revolving sushi, you will love it!! Just grab any plates of fresh fish, or rolls you wish and the server will count your plates at the end of your meal to add up your bill. Simple. Easy. Delish! We had about one of everything and I must say the pumpkin roll was absolute perfection. I loved the salmon rolls, and soft shell crab was yummmmm. All of the sushi and rolls we had tasted fresh, and had excellent flavors. Then there’s a fantastic and simple menu of apps, cooked items, and other tasty treats you’ll certainly want to explore– The crispy spicy shrimp dish is totally out of this world yummmmmmm! The spicy edamame is great, and the mussels are just so good!! As for the drink menu, it’s well crafted and won’t break the bank. They are offering a nice selection of beer, sake, and hand mixed cocktails that are well priced and matched with their excellent taste to accompany your sushi. This place is fantastic and I am excited to go again soon and often…

Jason G.