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Hama Rama

Hama Rama

Menu Name: Hama Rama

Color of Plate: Orange

Ingredients: crab mix, bay scallops and cucumber, topped with yellowtail, kaiware sprouts, lemon balsamic reduction, jalapeno ponzu and a shishito pepper

Price: $3.00

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I have been anxiously awaiting conveyor belt sushi for Denver! I didn’t care about the sushi being amazing – I wanted the belt cruising by with little plates and good music and some sake with my posse. So get this – It is all that and more. I was freaking out at how good each roll was! And the different colored plates that you stack up determines the pricing. The pumpkin roll was my fav. The music was vibe setting with punk-surf-a-billy when we were there and the service was spot on. Friendly but also left us alone to chat about what to try next. The mussels were our only hot item we tried and we were literally spooning the broth up on the shells. Yep. So – to see the medium ratings popping up – I say forget about it and go. For the people referencing Sushi Sasa or Sushi Den – guess where most of the staff has worked. Duh, better come up with a better comparison.

Dawn W.