To our valued guests-

After much consideration we have decided to temporarily suspend operations at Sushi-Rama until further notice. Our family is so grateful for your continued support, and even as the rest of the world is changing around us, you remind us why we love our guests and community.

As this closure is only temporary, it’s a good opportunity to reach out to our Government, and help support our employees that may need a little extra assistance. By urging your Local and State Representatives to work hard to create a stimulus package, debt relief fund, or by issuing aid so everyone can return to their normal lives. 250,000 Coloradans are counting on you, and together, our voices can create a difference!

We will be posting updates on social media of our progress and potential reopening, please stay tuned. We will come back stronger than ever, and we can’t wait to have you as our guests.

Thank you from the entire Sushi-Rama family!


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High Quality, High-Value:

At Sushi-Rama, we source our fish from the same places that high-dollar Denver-area sushi restaurants do. However, thanks to our high tech kitchen gadgets, we are able to offer this same high quality fish at a fraction of the cost you’d be paying somewhere else. This is because we’ve automated the parts of the sushi-making process that are intricate and time consuming. This means our full-service wait staff is focused on service and your wallet doesn’t take a huge hit every time you dine with us. With each plate priced from just $1.50 – $4.00, you can try everything on the menu that your heart and stomach desires.

An innovative way to dine:

Kaiten sushi quite literally means “sushi go round”. It’s a popular Japanese way of dining that puts food on an actual conveyor belt that moves sushi all around the restaurant. All you have to do is grab what looks tasty and give it a try. Your final bill will be determined by how many plates you pick and their corresponding color value. The big difference with Sushi-Rama is that we’re bringing a high quality dining experience and high quality food to this innovative way to eat concept which has previously been associated with lower quality food.

Fresher, faster food:

Our high-tech gadgets in the kitchen were all designed to deliver the freshest food fast. Sushi on a conveyor belt is quite literally food on demand. You can eat it as fast as you can grab it, so come hungry or in a rush and you’ll be eating some delicious food in literally seconds. And to make sure everything stays fresh, a microchip on each sushi plate tells us when an item has been on the conveyor belt for 90 minutes, at which point it is removed to ensure everything you’re getting is as fresh as possible. Sushi-Rama is also kid-friendly and great for those hungry yet impatient youngsters.

We’re open every day. Check out the hours for our RiNo and DTC locations.

All decked out:

The look of Sushi-Rama adds to the experience of eating here. Think Austin Powers meets the Jetsons. It’s retro-mod with colorful track lighting and spaceship-like fixtures lining the ceiling. The sushi wall is our ultra-Instagrammable, Warhol style piece designed just for Sushi-Rama. Everything you see is designed by the original people who worked on our first location, so everything feels authentically Sushi-Rama no matter where you choose to dine.

Trial by taste buds:

If you’re new to sushi, not sure what to order, or simply a person who likes to try it all, Sushi-Rama makes that possible. Menus are written in English, so it’s easy to know exactly what you’re getting. And because everything is bite size, you can sample lots of different types of sushi and flavors.

We know you’re looking for a great experience when you go out to eat. At Sushi-Rama, we’ve put in a lot of hard work to make sure you feel right at home every time you dine with us. Dining should be a memorable experience that you’ll want to tell your friends about, and we think Sushi-Rama delivers on that no matter how many times you join us.

Try us for lunch or dinner – and don’t forget happy hour Monday through Friday from 3-6pm

Sushi, Without the Hassle:

Order your Sushi Rama favorites for delivery and pick-up. That’s right – no hassle, just good eats. Find us on DoorDash!

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